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Product Lines > PCI-bus Motion Control Cards > Stepping/Servo Motor Control Cards > PCI-1240U
  Model Information  


PCI-1240U - 4-axis Universal PCI Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Motion Control Card
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4-axis Universal PCI Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Motion Control Card

Main Features
  • Independent 4-axis motion control
  • Hand wheel and jog function
  • 2/3-axis liner interpolation function
  • 2-axis circulat interpolation function
  • Continous interpolation function
  • Programmable T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration rate
  • Up to 4 MPPS output for each axis
  • Two pulse output types: CW/CCW or Pulse/Direction
  • Up to 1 MHz encoder input for each axis
  • Two encoder input for each axis
  • Constant speed control
  • Position management and software limit switch function
  • BoardID switch
    Advantech introduces the PCI-1240U 4-axis stepping/pulse-type servo motor control card designed for general-purpose extreme motion applications. The PCI-1240 is a high-speed 4-axis motion control card for the PCI bus that simplifies stepping and pulse-type servo motor control, giving you added performance from your motors. The card’s intelligent NOVA ® MCX314-motion ASIC builds in a variety of motion control functions, such as 2/3-axis linear interpolation, 2- axis circular interpolation, T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration rate and more. In addition, the PCI-1240 performs these motion control functions without processor loading during driving. For advanced applications, we supply Windows DLL drivers and user-friendly examples to decrease your programming load. Moreover, through a free bundled PCI-1240 motion utility, you can complete configuration and diagnosis easily.

      Ordering Information  
      Part Number Description
      PCL-101100M-3E  RoHS-compliant product SCSI-100 Shielded Cable, 3m
      PCL-10251-3E  RoHS-compliant product 100Pin to two 50Pin SCSICable for PCI-1240,3M
      ADAM-3952-PMA-AE  RoHS-compliant product PCI-1240 Wiring Board for Panasonic Minas A
      ADAM-3952-J2S-AE  RoHS-compliant product PCI-1240 Wiring Board for Mitsubishi J2S
      ADAM-3952-A PCI-1240 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount
      ADAM-39100-A SCSI-100 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount
      PCI-1240U-AE  RoHS-compliant product 4-Axis Stepping/Pules-type Servo Motor Card

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