Half-size Pentium® MMXTM Processor-based CPU Card with VGA/LCD, Ethernet and SSD
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The PCA-6751 is a low power half-size ISA-bus CPU card designed with an on-board Intel® Pentium® MMXTM processor. Featuring powerful on-board functions such as VGA, LAN and SSD, the versatile PCA-6751 can meet the needs of many different applications.

Fanless Embedded Pentium® MMXTM CPU

The PCA-6751 comes with Intel's new embedded Pentium MMX processor. The CPU provides high performance with low power dissipation for today's POS terminals, ATMs and industrial PCs.

Guaranteed Long Product Supply Time

In addition to the CPU, all the major components of the PCA-6751 use Intel EMD solutions. These include the 430TX system chipset, C&T69000 VGA/LCD controller and SB82558 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface. Unlike regular commercial solutions, Intel EMD solutions provide higher system stability and longer product supply time (Intel EMD products' typical life cycle is 5 years). The guarantee is paticularly important for end systems that are designed to last for many years.

Windows® CE Ready and Cost Effective (Coming Soon)

The PCA-6751CE-10C version of this card comes with pre-installed customized Windows® CE Ver. 2.1 on a 10 MB Compact Flash card. This solution especially fits harsh enviroments where an SSD and a small foot print OS are essential. Because the bundled Windows® CE is Microsoft license ready and customized to fit the on-board features, using the PCA-6751CE-10C can eliminate the need to apply for a Microsoft Windows® CE license and significantly reduce the development time & cost to build a customized Windows® CE system from the development tool kit level.


  • On-board low power Intel® Pentium® MMXTM 166/266 MHz CPU requires no cooling fan
  • On-board PCI SVGA for CRT/LCD display with 2 MB VGA RAM
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • SSD support
  • PC/104 connector
  • USB connector


Standard PC system

  • CPU: On-board Intel® Pentium® MMXTM CPU 166/266 MHz.
  • BIOS: AWARD 2 Mbit Flash BIOS, supports Plug & Play, APM 1.2, boot from CD-ROM, LS-120, and ZIP drive
  • Chipset: Intel 430 TX
  • 2nd level cache: 512 KB PB SRAM
  • System memory: Two 144-pin SODIMM sockets support 16 MB to 256 MB of SDRAM
  • PCI IDE interface: One Enhanced IDE interface, supports 2 IDE devices PIO mode 3, 4 with bus mastering up to 14 MB/sec Ultra DMA mode up to 33 MB/sec
  • Floppy disk drive interface: Supports up to two floppy disk drives: 3.5" (720 KB or 1.44 MB) and/or 5.25" (360 KB or 1.2 MB)
  • Parallel port: One parallel port, supports SDD/EPP/ECP
  • Serial ports: One RS-232, one RS-232/422/485
  • IR port: Supports up to 115 Kbps transmission rate
  • Watchdog timer: Can generate a system reset or IRQ 15. Software enabled/disabled. Time interval is from 1 ~ 63 seconds. Jumperless with run-time setup
  • PC/104 connector: 16-bit PC/104 connector for PC/104 expansion module

VGA Function

  • Controller: C&T 69000 / C&T 69030, supports CRT & 36-bit LCD display types
  • Display memory: 2 MB SDRAM built-in. (optional 4 MB VGA RAM with C&T 69030 chipset)
  • Display resolution: Up to 1280 x 1024 @ 256 colors (16 million colors @ 4 MB)

Ethernet Controller Functions

  • Controller: Intel® SB82558 10 Mbps / 100 Mbps
  • I/O address switchless setting
  • Connector type: RJ-45

Solid State Disk

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

  • Max. power requirement: +5 A @ 5 V (Standard Mode Typical Power Consumption : 2 ~ 3 Amp @ +5 V, depending on CPU speed and peripheral devices)
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60° C (32 ~ 140° F)
  • Size: 185 mm x 122 mm

Ordering Information

  • PCA-6751-F0A1: Half-size Pentium® MMXTM Processor-based CPU Card with Built-in 266 MHz CPU, VGA/LCD, Ethernet and SSD
  • PCA-6751-A0A1: Half-size Pentium® MMXTM Processor-based CPU Card with Built-in 166 MHz CPU, VGA/LCD, Ethernet and SSD
  • PCA-6751CE-10C: Same as PCA-6751-A0A1, but with a 10 MB Compact Flash card with Windows® CE Ver. 2.1 preinstalled (coming soon)
  • 9681000027: 36-bit LCD Cable Adapter 
  • MBPC-641: MicroBox IPC Chassis with 4-slot PCA-6104 ISA-bus Passive Backplane & 65 W Power Supply
  • IPC-6806: Full-size Wallmount IPC Chassis with 6-slot PCA-6106 ISA-bus Passive Backplane and 150 W Power Supply
  • IPC-6806S: Half-size Wallmount IPC Chassis with 6-slot PCA-6106 ISA-bus Passive Backplane and 100 W Power Supply
  • IPC-6006: Full-size PC-bus Card Cage with 6-slot PCA-6106 ISA-bus Passive Backplane 
  • IPC-6006S: Half-size PC-bus Card Cage with 6-slot PCA-6106 ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6115: 15-slot ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6114: 14-slot ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6108: 8-slot ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6106: 6-slot ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6104: 4-slot ISA-bus Passive Backplane
  • PC/104 Modules

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